In this time the world rang in 2013 with stunning fireworks shows and sprinkling of confetti, the specter of financial doubt and searing aggression dimmed a few celebrations and weighed on the minds of revelers hopeful for a good year.

Laura Concannon, of Hingham, Mass said that With all the sorrow in the state, they’re in search of several good revolutions in 2013, her husband, Kevin, and his parents joined hundreds of thousands of citizens who rejoice the new year in Times Square on Monday.

Matias Dellanno, 37, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, stood in the centre of the square with his wife and 3-year-old son. His eyes trapped the colourful lighting illuminating the square just previous to midnight. Said that He consider a totally new expect for 2013.

Taylor Nanz, SyracuseUniversity apprentice said that she and a mate had been standing in Times Square seeing as 1:20 p.m. Monday. They hadn’t changed their position as “if you leave, you lose your place,” she said.

She also said “It’s the first time – & the last time,”. “Never again.”


In the state capital of California, a midnight fireworks display was annulled after a brawl at a Sacramento restaurant finished with two persons fatally shot and three offended.

In Las Vegas, police force and regarding 300 Nevada National Guard troops save the night-time peaceable, with just 13 people under arrest.

hong-kong-new-year 2013

The festivities on the West Coast obtained position almost 24 hours after lavish fireworks displays light up skylines in Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

In Myanmar, regarding 91,000 citizens meet in a ground to observe a countdown for the first time, according to arrangers. The reformist government that took office in 2011 in the state, long under military regulation, threw its initial public New Year’s festivity in decades.

colorful fireworks Burj Khalifa.

colorful fireworks Burj Khalifa.

In the Dubai’s city United Arab Emirates colourful fireworks jazz up and downwards the world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa.


In Rome, Pope Benedict XVI party with a vespers service in St. Peter’s Basilica to present gratitude for 2012 and look in front to 2013. He said that in spite of all the passing away and unfairness in the world, goodness prevails.

Moscow's Red Square as fireworks

In Russia, viewers overflowing Moscow’s Red Square as fireworks blow up close to the Kremlin. In Rio de Janeiro, revelers wearing clothes head-to-toe in white as determined by Brazilian tradition flooded onto Copacabana beach for a show.

london 2013

In London, the bells of the clock in the Big Ben tower counted down the last seconds of 2012 and fireworks amazed the heavens on top of Parliament Square.

Celebrations were annulled across New Delhi, the Indian capital, among days of sorrow and indication regarding women’s protection after a rape fatality passed away on Saturday.