World largest pineapple is positioned at Bathurst, South Africa. There is a pineapple farm and experimental station in Bathurst. The Big Pineapple is 16.7 m in height. It is a pineapple shaped building structure that has 3 floors. It is built out of a fiberglass on the outside, skin wrapping a steel and concrete superstructure.


The 1st floor is a gift store here you can purchase pineapples, different pineapple food things like dried pineapples, jellies, chutneys, etc., and all types of pineapple themed things like T-shirts, bags, tea towels, figurines, etc.

The 2nd floor is a museum here you can find a few information about pineapples and the past of pineapple farming in South Africa.

The 3rd floor has a television demonstrating a film about pineapples and a surveillance deck; here you can take pleasure in the observation, which involves fields of growing pineapples. On cloudless days, you can actually see the Indian Ocean in the distance.