World’s Largest Eagle is wedged tailed Australian eagle. The Eagle has the longest wing span estimated of 230-250 centimeters. Moreover, the biggest ever is the Haast’s Eagle called Harpagornis Moorei. It is 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) long with 10 feet (3 meters) across the wings and weigh about 33 pounds (15 kg.). This species of eagles is now extinct. Sometimes the Largest Eagle is well-known as the Eaglehawk.


The Steller’s sea eagle is the heaviest living eagle and weighing 7 to 9 kg. An exciting truth is that a female eagle is 15 to 20 % big than a male eagle. Females weight 4.2 kg to 5.3 kg and males weight 3.2 kg to 4.0 kg. World’s Largest Eagles are a dark brown/black feathered bird, though the young eagles are a quiet brown colour.

Wedge-tailed Eagle about to eat an Agile Wallaby  CRW_8899

Wedged tailed Australian eagle are very highly aerial, flying for one hours or more with no wing beat. This eagle are habitually reaching 1,800 metres and for a moment very much higher. World’s Largest Eagle feed live prey and carrion. But the main items are rabbits, rats and hares.  The Wedge-tails can eat nearly everything of a suitable size like birds, lizards etc. an eagle can pick up more than 45% of its body weight.

The World’s Largest Wedge tailed eagle nest can be 3 metres deep and 2 metres wide. They love to make a nest in the mainly eminent location that is available in there area.